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LootBot is a Telegram bot that automates on-chain interactions and acts as a streamline frontend for hundreds of chains. Anyone can create or follow automated tasks that could help with objectives such as Airdrop Farming.


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Manta Network
What LootBot does?

Your Airdrop Automated by LootBot

LootBot performs a wide range of automated tasks across different protocols, on supported chains.

  • Bridge

    • Orbiter
    • zkSync Portal
    • Celer Network
    • Owlto Finance
  • Swap

    • SyncSwap
    • izumi finance
    • OKX
  • NFT Mint

    • NFT Pinas
    • Merkly
    • L2 Marathon
  • Staking

    • SyncSwap
    • Velocore
  • Lending

    • Eralend
    • Reactor Fusion
  • Others

    • TevaEra
    • Goal3
    • Thirdweb
Our Solutions

LootBot Features

Make your airdrop farming a breeze. Our automated bot operates on various chains to pick out the most advantageous airdrop opportunities, while simultaneouly implementing robust security measures to safeguard our users against hackers and fraudulent activities.

Automated Airdrop Farming

Generate wallets and automatically farm airdrops across multiple EVM-compatible chains.

Airdrop Tracking

Track your airdrop farming progress with data of airdrop participation history, rewards earned, and upcoming airdrops.

Anti-Sybil Detection

Sybil-detection free airdrop farming through offering different curated routes that represents real on-chain interactions.

Built by looters, for looters.

Looting at your preference

With customizable feature, you can now farm airdrops through preferred protocols at your own schedule.

  • Integration with top protocols on different chains
  • Customizable farming routes and schedule
Trade on the go

Trading Integration

Forget about the hassel while interacting with DEXes on mobile devices. Now you can trade all ERC-20 Token right on Lootbot.

  • Direct trading through Telegram
  • Instant order placement
  • Optimized trading fee
Simple Pricing. Great Value.

Let LootBot does all the hassle work for you


$0/ wallet / chain

80% Airdrop Value Received
  • Private Key Access
  • Referral Code
  • Remove Wallets
  • Automatic & Manual Mode
  • Optimized Gas Fee
  • Import Wallet
  • Max 10 Wallets
  • Limited Support Response Time
  • OTC Trading


$50 - $150/ wallet / chain

100% Airdrop Value Received

  • Private Key Access
  • Referral Code
  • Remove Wallets
  • Automatic & Manual Mode
  • Optimized Gas Fee
  • Import Wallet
  • Unlimited Wallets Creation
  • 24-hour Support Response Time
  • OTC Trading
Holding 1000 $LOOT will get 50% off for each farming wallet. (10,000 for 10 wallets)
You can use LootBot for free. After 15 transactions, it will start asking you to consider upgrading to Premium.

$LOOT Token

Total Supply: 10,000,000 $LOOT

  • Buy/Sell Tax:0% tax applied to each transaction of $LOOT
  • Printer goes brrr:Token holders are eligible for 50% off subscription fee and 25% revenue share
  • Farm together:$LOOT holders can refer users and earn 5% of all fees collected from referred users.
  • Earn together:Token holders can burn $LOOT for $xLOOT which earns 50% revenue share.
500,000Team & Founder (5%)
500,000CEX Listing (5%)
4,000,000Supply Added to Liquidity (40%)
5,000,000Seed (50%)
  • Team:0% TGE, 6 months cliff, linear for 9 months
  • Seed:33% TGE, linear for 1 month

Good Wine needs no Bush


Technical Roadmap

Q2, 2023
Q3, 2023
LootBot MVP release
$LOOT launch with full utilities
Debut on 3+ chains with full features
Prototype Premium Features
Adding a new chain every 2 weeks
Launch referral program
Launch ambassador program
Q4, 2023
Add more advanced automating tasks
Partnership developments for user growth
Integration with non-EVM chains and protocols
Lootbot OTC Marketplace
Airdrop tracking dashboard
Q1, 2024
Integration with none-EVM chains and protocols
Added points checkers for freemium users
Diversify farming routes for current chains and protocols
Lootbot Intent Terminal for customizable airdrop strategies
Introduce a new fee model for better product adoption
Q2, 2024
Conduct a security audit to identify and address any vulnerabilities
Implement additional features such as analytics and notifications
Explore partnerships with more protocols to venture outside the realms of airdrop farming
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